Terms and Conditions of Membership

Membership Enquiries: For information about memberships please send email to: headoffice@bn.org.uk

Technical Support: For technical assistance please send email to: support@bn.org.uk

I/We apply for membership of British Naturism.

I/We agree that we shall not undertake any activity which may bring naturism into disrepute.

I/We agree to further and safeguard the standards of the naturist movement and ensure that naturism is presented creditably to the general public at all times.

I/We accept that BN may curtail our membership rights, including termination, if our behaviour is deemed likely to bring naturism into disrepute.

I/We accept my/our information be made available to member clubs following a full approval procedure.

I/We agree to supply a good quality passport style photograph which will be applied onto my/our BN membership card(s).

I/We understand that our membership only becomes active once our payment has been processed and I/We have received our membership number(s) and card(s).

I/We understand that full access to the online community is only available once our membership has been processed.

I/We consent to become member(s) of British Naturism, a company limited by guarantee, on the assurance that my/our liability for meeting any future debts of British Naturism will then be limited to the sum of one pound (GBP).